Magazine Reveal and a Call for Submissions

Do you know what yesterday was?

Some of you certainly did, because we received a bunch of wonderful submissions for the magazine!

The reading session for the Spring issue of The Reverie is officially open!

I’ll give you a second to jump around, screaming like a fan girl. Are you back? Good, because there is more exciting news…

Cover Reveal!


You know what the most awesome thing about seeing the cover reveal is? You see that spot where it says, Featured Poets? Your name…Yes, YOUR name, could be written there.

It could even be featured in the section for the Editor’s Choice. There are three of us, so that’s three shots for placement there!

Are you jumping around again? I’ll wait.



So click on this little link right HERE for all the information on how to submit to the magazine and let’s get your name on this fancy cover!

Side note: If you want to receive a free copy of this magazine in the Spring when it is released, along with a short, monthly newsletter about submissions calls and other important information, please click HERE to subscribe to our newsletter. I promise we won’t send you a ton of junk mail. I mean, who has the time to write junk mail! We’ve got poetry to write!


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