Desperate – By: Mark Schutter

Hot sand clings to my face
A scorching wind blows unceasingly
As dry as this forgotten land
Dusty and parched
Baked hard by the relentless sun

All green is now brown
No hope, no joy, no promises whispered
Of longed for relief
Overhead a sky of deep forever blue
Beyond the reaches of eternity

Endless dreary monotonous moments
Slowly float by hanging in the air
Void of life where nothing moves
In the arid barren wasteland
The desert seeming stretches forever


Left alone and forsaken I lay
The heat burns my blistered skin
The sun stares down mercilessly
Blinded by the orb’s brightness
My eyes remain tightly closed

From out of nothingness
Where life was once spoken
A single word of devotion
Like sweet honey on my lips
To just believe again grace wins

A melody whispered in my mind
Soothes that ache inside
A balm to my weary heart
As dry land soaks up refreshing rains
I teeter on the edge of eternity

Congratulations to this week’s community favorite, Mark Schutter. You can find the original piece on her blog, here.

Be sure to check in Monday for the newest prompt.

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