Voting on Music

This week’s prompt really got us in the mood for some tunes…and amazing poetry.

Have you been reading your fellow poets? Well, now’s your chance!

Check them out and vote on your favorite. Voting will last until midnight tonight and the community favorite will be featured on the site tomorrow at 10 am EST.

Thank you for participating and we’ll see you next Monday for a new prompt!

In the meantime, consider submitting to our magazine, which is open and accepting submissions now. Or to our anthology for the theme of Back to Our Roots!

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Soul’s Irony by Desiree G.

Creeping Desire by Faycin A. Croud

The Night Brings Her Angels by Ann Bagnall

Into the Dark by Mel Douleur

Bygones by Serins Sphere

Dawn of the Night…Dark of the Day by Staci Lys Dunn Silva

Bone Marrow by Francisco Pierre L.

A Beautiful Dance by Mark Schutter

Epic Fantasy by Ranting Crow

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