Wordle Me This

This week’s prompts is all about words! I love wordles. Especially wordle prompts. They really force me to step outside the boundaries of the language I might normally use.

I gathered the words for the prompt this week from all the entries of last week’s prompt:


Marrow from Desiree

Fickle from Faycin

Hibernation from Ann

Infect from Mel

Misinterpreted from Serins

Holistic from Staci

Sparrow from Franz

Nectar from Mark

Ancient from Crow

Ritual from Hasty

Womb from Laura

There are 11 words listed here. Try to use at least 9 of them in your entry. Remember, these words are supposed to be inspiration. We’re not going to go after you like literary attack dogs if you can’t/don’t want to use them all.

Link your entry here or on Friday during the Link Up. We will then take all the links and ask the community to vote on their favorite on Saturday.

The winner will be featured on Sunday and be entered for a chance to be included in our Spring edition of the magazine.


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