Link All the Words

I can’t wait to see what kind of inspiration you found in each other’s words this week. Was this difficult to do? Did you discover you really enjoyed working with a word you might not have normally chosen?

Let us see those links!

If you haven’t linked up already this week, you’ve got until midnight tonight (12pm EST) to link up your poem to be considered for this week’s community vote! You can leave your poem below in the comments or give us a pingback. Or both.

Thanks for joining in with us and let’s get linking, because the only way you can vote, is if you read! Take the time to visit a few of your fellow poets and check out their work.

The community favorite will be featured on Sunday and it will be considered an automatic submission for the Spring 2015 issue of The Reverie.

5 thoughts on “Link All the Words

  1. I guess I am unclear as to the linkup, with no blog so here is my entry I hope some of the formatting holds up:

    To Chance the Trance

    She reentered the cavernous corridors of my mind
    Kicking up dust devils as the recollections unwind
    Previously still, pallid icons begin their ballet
    Dripping dye adds color once their dance begins
    Suddenly I am thrust there; then again we are near
    Once a far-off dusty voice, those lusty pipes ring clear
    My soul soars, sailing upon the breeze
    Enthralled by her each and every breath
    The staccato rhythm builds, I sense in my bones
    Swirling in a stupor, even so the ritual comes

    A high priestess holding court in a hall of carved and hewn stone
    Her sermon from ancient tomes in some long forgotten foreign tongue
    Vines cover her pulpit; they pulse, swell and sway
    Supplicants fall at her feet; begin to chant and bray
    On the altar sets a chalice full with alien nectar
    A golden ape kissed and caressed her neck
    Drums pound; producing a throbbing, pulsating din
    Lizards’ crane there necks; macaws strain to get in
    Stumbling through steaming stew; the muck and mud
    I discern this dance anew as my face is flushed with blood

    Now a writhing, wailing black clad beat poet
    Creating chaos in a North Beach shotgun flat
    Bongos beat out an incessant rhythm
    Heads bob as a haze clouds the room
    All eyes are locked and loaded on the woman
    Wisdom sprouts like a lotus from her womb
    While Coltrane wails the sparrow sets sail
    Carrying wide the wonder of her speech
    I fall upon my knees and crawl along the floor
    Awestruck by the how and why this has been before

    Then she was a long gone lady, vanished in the late night
    Left me with a cotton mouth, misty eyed by the candle light
    Once more the fates were fickle
    I fear over the edge I had fallen
    Gone astray, meandering though the maze
    I have prompted the melting of my marrow
    Infected by the heady stew of precedent
    Pity me not, my pain is not misinterpreted
    Losing what cannot be; but what I long for
    Flay my flesh as I have failed once more
    Welcome agony, whereas it appeases
    I disown joy, it does no longer please
    Vanished again, a sylvan specter skulking in corners unseen
    Raven haired shadows shroud all; cover, conceal and screen

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