It’s another tie! Congratulations to our two winners! We’ll be featuring one at 10am and the second at 2pm. Thank you to everyone who voted!


Ancient Grudge breaks
To new Mutiny
Civil blood makes
Civil hands unclean

Martyr’s sacrifice is grateful
This world is so hateful
Some would rather die
Than live this life a lie

Misinterpreted Rituals
Misguided ideals
Infect the womb
Fickle future doom!

Loss felt deep within my marrow
Awaked by a screaming arrow
Tweeting pain and sorrow
An insignificant sparrow

Helplessness plummeting into hibernation
Loss of emotion and sensation.
Disconnected and alone
Violence corrupt each zone

Addictive nectar, personal stance
Puts all in a holistic trance
Isolated we fall, together we dance
Does the Human race deserve a chance?

Congratulations to this week’s final community favorite, Serins Sphere. You can find the original piece on her blog, here.

Be sure to check in Monday for the newest prompt.

Photo Credit: goldcucco on deviantart / Design Credit: Laura A. Lord

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