Come Vote with Me

This week’s prompt brought out some fantastic poetry and, at least on my end, really bad dance moves. I can only hope I’m not alone in that last category.

I think last week was a success, so as a reward, you’re being given THREE votes again.

You can thank me later.

So take a moment to read the work from others in your community and vote for your favorite three this week! And yes, you can certainly vote for yourself. We don’t judge egos around here. The winner will be featured Sunday and be considered as a submission for the spring issue of the magazine.

Lose Myself by Dana Renee

The Monster and the Beat by Franz

Making it Out Alive by TooFullToWrite

Take Me Down by Mark Schutter

Good Girl by Kristen A. Piccini

Echoes of Ourselves by Ann Bagnall

Say You Will by Dana Renee

Long Walk by Billygoat Gruff (You must view this entry in the comment section of the prompt posting, as the participant does not have an active blog. Thank you.)


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