Good Girl by Kirsten A. Piccini

That girl
with her grown up job
and three inch heels
still feels like a child most days.
Even though she comes when she’s called mommy or honey
she yearns for someone to put their mouth against her skin
and call her baby instead,
summoning her dreams from their private places.

She doesn’t follow rules or
listen to the rhetoric of voices
she’s just doing the best she can
to drown out the silken speech of temptation
while ignoring the yearnings you inspire.

She can stay good as long as you don’t ask her to be bad.

Because if you just reach for her,
eager to draw out the young girl playing dress up
and kiss her like she’s somethin’
then all bets are off…
she’s gonna follow you anywhere.

We had a three way tie this week! Congratulations to this week’s second community favorite, Kirsten A. Piccini. You can find the original piece on her blog, here.

Be sure to check in Monday for the newest prompt.

Photo Credit: sophitschku on deviantart / Design Credit: Laura A. Lord

3 thoughts on “Good Girl by Kirsten A. Piccini

  1. OMG. Truly. I had no idea that it was a community choice. I love being one of three, love knowing that someone is reading my words. What a wonderful, grateful surprise.

    I really like being part of this community. I do hope you won’t mind if I stick around?


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