Making it Out Alive by David Ellis

Afraid to lose control of this volatile world
Everything feels fake when it should feel real
It’s like someone has broken the handle off
Finding myself washed up on the shores of hell

Wasting my breath, paying good lip service
Thinking with my heart instead of my head
People say if it’s easy, it’s just not worth pursuing
This gloriously, gorgeously confounding thing called love

An ending is still a brand new beginning
Death gives birth to alternative paths
If we embrace light over the accursed darkness
Things might turn out differently at last

Sometimes we struggle
To maintain our own unique edge
We let it get swallowed
Time and again, ad infinitum
Turning our backs on our own strengths
Losing the thread of who we truly are

Don’t deny your dreams and your sense of purpose
Let them rise to the surface without delay
Adoration and passion
Should fill everything that you do
Fear should never come into play

Lions we roar, with each shout it becomes clear
Pushing ourselves to the core of our limits
We’re not going down without a fight

We’ll find our way back, make no mistake
Letting love colour our ravenous hearts
No matter how complicated it gets
We’ll make it out of this thing alive
I need to lose myself in you tonight

We had a three way tie this week! Congratulations to this week’s first community favorite, David Ellis. You can find the original piece on his blog, here.

Be sure to check in Monday for the newest prompt.

Photo Credit: svensson on deviantart / Design Credit: Laura A. Lord

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