Every part of me screams in denial
From realization that I’m a living lie
The world sees me for who I am not
In another entirely different light
Behind a broken mask I desperately hide
Afraid to show my face to the world
Trapped in fear of judgement and pride
I become a monster, a hypocrite
I fake my emotions
I can manage a smile
Even when I’m burning all up
Deep down inside
Whenever I look into a mirror,
I see someone whom I can’t recognize
I can’t accept it or can’t deny
That I am living a worthless life
Should I end it? Once and for all?
The world is not going to change, though one less of a burden
Nobody is going to notice, I am already a fading mark
Whatever I do, it won’t make a difference

Anonymous Indian is a 14 year old who lives in the beautiful country of India. Lovingly called yshoo by all, creating her blog was the best thing she ever did.  It was the start of a wonderful journey that inspired and motivated her to write more.

You can see more of Anonymous Indian’s work on her blog, here.

Photo Credit: tragica1 on deviant art / Design Credit: Laura A. Lord

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