Burning Regret- Unfilled


Tamara brought us a fantastic prompt this week and here’s her take on it!

Remember, you have to link your entry up by tonight at midnight to be in the count for tomorrow’s voting!



Where would he be tonight?

Wearing the red satin bra,
Matching lipstick
No panties.

Social media stalking.
Target identified.

Pre-gaming with vodka
Chasin’ it with regret.
Tastes like fiery tears.

Stumble out into the world.
My girls on my side.
They give me the side-eye; they think I can’t see.

Blinded by lust,
Propped up on stool,
Knees spread for a moment.

Exposing my world
In hopes for a glimpse
Of him.

He’s my white rabbit,
wearing a snapback instead of a top hat.
Tick tock, tick tock

Time’s meaning eliminated by dark corners.

His fingers stroked the strings
making them cry out
then whimper in servitude.

Crushed against bar
Tender shakes her head.
Pours another.

She’s watched this Escher sketch play out.
Me, drinking Turkey laced dreams.
Me vulnerable and waiting.

The stairs connect and I drink in circles.

My ego had been devoured
by the beast raging
in the apex of my thighs.

Every night, I prepare for him
Find him.
Watch him.

But I never speak.

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