A Bar with Me and You

We met upon a moon-shy night,
The future so unsure;
We counted steps upon the road,
To basement bars front door.
The first response of eyes so met,
A shiver balls to bone;
We couldn’t know from this night on,
If we’d ever be alone.
We talked until the wine ran out,
But the bar refused us more;
And as the rain remained afloat,
We danced out through the door.
Not dwelling on the falling drops,
Nor chilling winter breeze;
We knew that life so seldom gave,
Such moments sweet as these.
As the moon bid sky farewell,
We talked and laughed and kissed;
And every star that faded so,
Beared witness to our tryst.
Who could have guessed a simple call,
Could lead to such a place;
A chance encounter engineered,
And granted with such grace.
The start of something sweetly pure,
A life of different views;
All started with rain soaked drink,
In a bar with me and you.

A middle-aged poet from the UK, who has been attempting to entertain and “paint pictures with words, so they are as clear as they appear in his own mind”.   You can find plenty more of his work over at his blog.

Photo Credit: onesummerago on deviantart / Design Credit: Laura A. Lord

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