From a Thread

She watched the world turn
its pits black as Hell
and its soul on fire
from the never ending torch

The source
sat in its chair
prepared by wit
and sullied by none

It was already
changed from its deeds
and was made whole
by its evil

Jessica Kirkpatrick has completed three years of college towards a degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Sociology. She has led a January term class called “A Novel Idea” and has completed two novels, and published a short story entitled “Four Ghosts (After One Girl)” in Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Issue #52. Her book of poetry “Doll Maker” is on Amazon. Mrs Kirkpatrick is an article writer for the website How to Witchcraft.

You can connect with Jessica on her tumblr, here.

Photo credit: Kasumi-Sensei on deviantart / Design credit: Laura A. Lord

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