in between night and day, awake and asleep
I pray the lord my soul not to keep
but to drift like a wish on a glass tide sea
for where ever it goes that’s where I shall be

to vanish in between what you can’t separate
let will bend reality just enough to break
to catch the wind, to swim in the sand,
to run to the horizon and hold it in your hand

I will see familiar faces I haven’t met
or relive a great date with an endless sunset
free fall limitless then ascend into flight
through infinity and back wrapped in the northern lights

and in an instant it’s gone, like starlight to dawn,
only to be welcomed back by the midnight’s slipstream song

Photo credit: AndzeJSteweiner on deviantart / Design credit: Laura A. Lord

My name is Marshall Hanlon and I’m a poet from Kent island. I’m in the process of developing a blog of my own to show much of my work. This poem to me is all a dream put into words and I hope you like it.

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