Dystopian by Vlad Teodor Petcu

In the thirteenth age of the Ununseptium nuclear storm,
The vestige of humans lies exposed in primal skins.
Sun is obliterated; his reign in tenebrous eclipse is walled.
Stars are in obscure dungeons enthralled,
While under moon’s ray of noise are called
Liar gods and mortals… now quantum’s decay,
In obscure abyss to be chaotic reborn;
As the particles of endless time grievous phantasms begin to form.
Caverns awake, mouth wide open as coffins,
And, as rapacious kings of old, over the shattered surface
Go rampant and increase all undead life consumption.
Clouds gather in bitter wings of fallen muse’s lace
Bringing, at dawn, the revival of Akasha’s tantalizing miasma.
Rotten redemption lurks in the shadows of the quill thief.

Congratulations to this week’s community favorite, Vlad Teodor Petcu . You can find the original piece on his blog, here.

Be sure to check in Monday for the newest prompt.

Photo Credit: ghib10 on deviant art/ Design Credit: Laura A. Lord

6 thoughts on “Dystopian by Vlad Teodor Petcu

    • Thank you, Mr Ellis! And your poem was also sensual and alluring, with balanced feelings breeding through the quatrains. And it flows in shades and lights gradually, depicting a chromatic pastel on a quill made canvas. I especially liked the first quatrain, and i quote:
      “A storm brews ominously from within,
      rumbling beneath anxious, pulsating veins
      Lurking, bubbling, it writhes,
      hungry for action, hotwiring synapses in my mind”
      Naked as the sun by David Ellis

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      • Thank you so much Vlad, much respect to you and your analysis of my piece. It is a great honour to receive words as prestigious as yours and I am deeply humbled by the raw display of talent you have brought to The Reverie. I hope you continue to submit many more pieces, as I’m sure each and every one of them will be very entertaining 🙂

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  1. I thank you again, Mr Ellis! Indeed, I also find The Reverie to be fun, entertaining, very interactive and, most of all, educational in regards of arts, culture and writting. I heed thy wise words of advice and take them under my mind’s wings – my submisions will continue. I wish you a great and fruituous day!

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