Holiday Madness

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…or so they say. Are you up to your elbows in wrapping paper? How many scratches are on your arms from the stupid fake needles on your tree? Is your grocery list for the family meal ten pages long?

However you celebrate (or if you don’t) this season seems to be full of activity. It’s a time when families come together and all of us question whether escaping to Hawaii the next year wouldn’t be easier.


Just me?

We want to grab all those holidays feelings up (the good, the bad, and the ugly Christmas sweater) into something amazing. Share a piece of your holiday with all of us.

Here are some words to inspire you:


Good luck and Happy Holidays from all of us at The Reverie Journal!

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Photo credit: Abakum on deviantart / Design credit: Laura A. Lord

9 thoughts on “Holiday Madness


    Holiday Madness

    On this very land, in future’s time of afar,
    When three moons rise and entomb every star,
    There is a legend that will be told
    With gory voice, as the land embraces the eternal cold:

    On the paths of corpses, at one and any crossroad is lit
    A candle with darkness around which all undead could orbit,
    And they will all be led by the alluring shade of Akasha, the goddess,
    In lights torn by twisted laces of pleasures…
    They walk to the residence of The Snow Queen, unjust ruler and duchess,
    March to the New Toy Shop, the North’s ruins and only standing fortress.
    Here, on the first day of Hanukkah in 2016*, the last battle takes place.
    The Vampire king, awakened and victorious, will bring to his daughter a face:
    The head of Santa Claus; then leave this forsaken space.
    Dragons stand on guard here from the last Kwanzaa,
    When they collect the humans as matunda ya kwanza**.

    The whole family gathers around the crystallized white tree,
    Exchanging gruesome presents with binds of flesh;
    The noise of madness echoes throughout the festive holiday
    As white and blue flames of ice scintillates a glimpse of doomsday.

    “Say your unholy prayers in Christmas’s skin!
    Let the weeping music play and the feast begin!”,
    Thundered the Snow Queen, then she gives the cue:
    “Wrap Red Nose Rudolph from the dungeons! Put him on the barbecue!”

    *The first day of Hanukkah in 2016 is on the 24th of December
    **Matunda ya kwanza (Swahili) = first fruits of the harvest

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  2. I Have no Tree

    I have no tree
    To put up
    No ornaments to unpack
    Just memories
    Bitter and sweet
    Of those I have no lack
    I plug in a strand of lights
    Which adorn a red fireplace
    A stove one could call it
    Without a fires trace
    It sets cold in the corner
    While a corner of my mind recalls
    The aluminum of my youth
    Tinsel on real
    Limbs on fake
    Both were fine to tell the truth
    So come this Wednesday
    I will attend the feast
    In body if not spirit
    Smile as presents are opened
    This part pleases me the least
    Grateful for a pair of socks
    I’ll head back to my flat
    Flop down upon the couch
    Cozy up to some scotch on the rocks
    But if I begin to doze off
    I’ll hear the meowing of the cat
    Wanting to fling a shoe at its head
    I will drag myself up out
    Figure I’ll likely feed it instead

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    • if i am too late, oh well; lots of technical difficulties with the connection, Reverie not found and my pc is not recognizing my phone so i cannot upload my photo of my xmas stove and finally i was going to try and link this to my new blog but couldn’t for the aforementioned reasons and i got back late from seeing the babbadook (which everyone who wants to b scared should see) so it’s my fault i guess.


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