Burning for you
My mouth is dry
Wanting you more than sanity
To quench my thirst.

I want to reach for you
The temptation to pull apart
The delicate fragments of life itself
Just to have you.

Open up, just a little
Give me respite from this thirst
Even a drop will be agony
But a pleasure all the same.

My eyes follow you
Tongue driven to run over dry lips
Visions of drinking you dry
Leave me panting.

At last I’m close enough to touch you
Fondling every inch of your coolness
Throwing my head back in abandon
As I drink every last drop.

Always Coca-Cola!

eloiseEloise De Sousa is an independent author of poetry, children’s and adult books. Originally from Zimbabwe, Eloise and her husband moved to the UK many years ago to settle down and start a family.  Nearly sixteen years later, four children, four cats, one fish and the occasional hedgehog encourage and inspire the many stories and adventures in her books!

Eloise’s books can be found on the Amazon, Lulu and Barnes & Noble websites.  Her blog at WordPress has up to date posts on her writing, poetry and general interest stories.  You can also find her on Facebook at Mello’s Book Corner.

Photo credit: christians on deviantart / Design credit: Laura A. Lord

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