Inspired by…

Let an old poem inspire sometihing new and interesting from you.

It’s February and in the United States it’s Black History Month. Sunday was Langston Hughes‘ birthday and Google made a Google Doodle to honor him. This made me think about the Harlem Renaissance and how that influenced poetry.

But what does all of this have to do with you?

Well, my dear poet, let’s write something a little different this week. Let’s try writing a poem inspired by someone else. It’s not necessary to write about the same subject matter. I don’t want you to write something disingenuous or forced. It’s more interesting to read about your journey, your struggles. Make this one personal. Delve deep my friends.

Read this Langston Hughes’ poem, let the words seep into you…and see what comes forth.

Here’s The Negro Speaks of Rivers:

Poetry by Langston Hughes

And here’s a song from The Harlem Renaissance to get you in the mood.

We aren’t doing the voting on Fridays anymore, however, we’re still reading and sharing each other’s work. That’s what this community is all about. Share this post with other poets, so we can grow together.


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