Let’s Talk About…

Once a week, I’m going to bring up a topic about poetry and open the floor for you guys to chat about it with me. As a community, we need to communicate more and not just with me talking at you.

This week I found an online poetry class for free. It’s called “How writers write poetry” and it’s through the International Writing Program. 

I enjoy learning and I’ve been missing being in the higher education realm. I’m finding myself buying more guides and educational writing material as days go by.

However, when I was younger, I only took a few courses on writing fiction and poetry. I was afraid if I would learn more about the structures and how other people thinks poetry is then I would lose my creativity. My spark. My essence. I’d just sound like everyone else.

Now I’ve realize that I have my own style and voice. Learning new things won’t change me. It’ll enrich me.

What do you guys think? Do you like to learn more about writing techniques for creative write specifically, or do you prefer to go it your own way?

And if you decide to take the course, let me know on my Facebook page. I’m thinking about doing some type of weekly check-in over there once the class starts in March.

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And keep your eye out for the official date for the zine release in March!

I’ll see you in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About…

  1. I usually do it my own way. I use several methods. Among these i can recommend this 2:
    1) Once per week i go to the library and read 50 pages of dictionaries (vocabulary, grammar, specialized on domains, foreign languages, dialects etc), 50 pages on a chosen subject/author i like to know more about and 50 pages from books on creative writing (versifications, styles, effects, types of writings, literary themes, national and universal writings, comparisons, critic literature and literature and philosophy theorizations).
    2) Also each year i have a general author list i read and study at home (opera, life and critics) – 5 authors/year minimum.

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    • Interesting, you’ve created your own education routine. I like that. I’m assuming that it works for you, since it sounds like an established routine.

      I’ve found that I don’t necessarily try to further my education in regards to writing poetry. I read articles and books daily on writing in general, especially in regards to novel writing and the business of publishing. Yet, my heart is in poetry and I lack there.

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      • It works just as you suspected. In the last 2 years i had come a very long way, and the destination was based on impossible bumps to break through. For me the most important part is to read and research on a constant basis; without it i found that one’s self cannot expand his own knowledge and view. Furthermost everything one does must have a meaning and a purpose. Right now, for example of all above said, i work as shadow researcher/shadow writer for a dear friend of mine on a neonatology school project.

        I will have to update my writings too on prose and knowledge on publishing as i have not been entangled that much with the areas. And just as Jeanne said, there are two faces of the same coin and fear of messing things that you are not accustomed with is lurking there, within us (i have a law related degree).


  2. You hit the nail on the head with the fear thing. I also feel afraid that if I learn more about poetry (never took a single class in it, I have a medical related degree), that I will realize I have been doing something wrong. I am going to check out your links. Thank you!!

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    • I hear that. I’m not sure if this class has a critique component to it. I’m thinking it’s more about learning about poetry–but I could be 100 percent wrong. It’s harder to not take negative criticism personally when you already feel like crap.


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