What’s your fantasy?

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This week let’s explore the recesses of our imagination. Let’s tap into your fantasies. Let’s have some fun with this one.

I present to you this setting:


Here are some words to guide your journey. Use as many as you want.:

The Words:

The Court








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2 thoughts on “What’s your fantasy?

  1. http://viseleunuiinsomniac.blogspot.ro/2015/02/about-fantasy.html

    About a fantasy…

    Mystical and in mists is the dowry of a fantasy,
    Yet unbeknownst to mortals it crept at dawn in my veins…
    For the court had sentenced me to an eternity of lustful chimeras.
    At the grayish specters mirrored on the lake’s surface
    Nothingness poured a magnetic canvas from clouds of ash
    As the sultry lead trees yield in submission and gaze sublime.
    Every silhouette is stained in unshaped majestic memories.
    Sorted between mind and heart, chaos had won;
    You are the prize it brought, denuded, famished, alluring,
    Isolated and lonesome for tender flesh… you consume me raw.
    Sins are exposed in pearlescent heaven of passions,
    Youthful layers of tempestuous savagery are dedicated to my decay…
    Opiated I am in the tenebrous shadows of her glittering physique…
    Unbeknownst to all her harrowing torture is a concealed benediction.


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