“Good” Poetry | Let’s talk about it

There’s the idea that poetry as any art can’t really be defined as “good” or “bad.” It’s an entirely subjective process based on the reader’s experiences and taste preferences. Whatever that reader brings to the table, will color how s/he sees this work.

We all know someone, who absolutely abhors poetry. Doesn’t get it all. Thinks the entire process of writing a poem is a waste and wonders why people just don’t write what they mean in plain English. Why all the dramatics that a poem holds? Why say one thing, but mean another? Why speak in layers?

These two ideas have brought me to today’s topic: What makes “good” poetry? Does it exist? Is there something that marks a text as universally good? Is that what makes a poem popular decades after the initial publication? What do you guys think?

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3 thoughts on ““Good” Poetry | Let’s talk about it

  1. Good poetry is like good art.

    An artist pours their heart and soul in their work. A need to speak up in words or other forms of art. What hits the canvas, paper or layer is their believes, thoughts and feelings, emotions if you will.Sharing a vision and yet know nobody may see it.

    But there is something other that what they wanted to say or express.

    I can read poetry and think of it as good or somewhat mwah. It is because I do not feel or read or see anything. I can look at art. But one should understand not to find what the creator wanted to say or show.

    The layer that brings forth a good poem or art is the layer that moved the reader or observer to think of their own and create something new.
    A vision based of the creators creation but completely their own.

    Or so I see poetry. And thus I write close to the heart, As done last time with the fantasy. But not everybody will see what I seen or felt. So whether it being good or bad is not for me to decide. I just create to share.


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