Is it blue or black

A poetry prompt | The Reverie Poetry Journal

A poetry prompt | The Reverie Poetry Journal

I think you probably all know what dress I’m talking about. It was all over the Internet last week. Is it blue or black? Gold or white? Just plain dreadful either way? I definitely don’t want to write a poem about the dress.

However, the dress did give me an idea. I love how so many people would look at something and see totally different things. There were always people who saw different shades of the dominant colors. Maybe it’s the lighting, or it’s been photoshopped entirely. Maybe it’s genetics. I think that’s fascinating. The idea of perception.

I’d like for you to write a poem that uses a bit of sleight of hand. Whatever the subject is, perhaps the protagonist could be viewing a happening or a thing wrong or maybe there’s multiple interpretations. Remember it’s all about perception.

Remember on Fridays, we’re having a bit of a chat. If you didn’t catch last Friday’s swing by and join in about what makes a “good” poem.

Make sure to either backlink to the page or post it in the comments. Check out what each is doing and share! Let’s build this community.

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And keep your eye out for the official date for the zine release later this month!

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