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I had a conversation with a writer before the beginning of #writestuff (my Tweetchat on Tuesday at 9 pm EST, each week we cover a different writing topic). He said something along the lines of, “Aren’t writers always writing alone?” And I said no, “No, not necessarily.” Hastywords does writing duets often, there are sitcom writers who write in teams, etc. Part of the process is to pass ideas back and forth until something gels together. Until it molds. Does one person essentially do the molding?

Are writers forever alone? Have you ever written with a partner or do you keep it a solitary pursuit?

I’ll meet you in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Writing forever alone? | Let’s Talk About It

  1. I’ve never written with a partner, I’ve always written alone. Way back in the stone age when I was in high school I had one or two writing partners but I always ended up doing the writing and they did the “talking” and the getting snacks, and the throw an idea around here or there. LOL! I like the idea of throwing ideas back and forth.

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    • I don’t think I could do it with a group of people.I couldn’t imagine writing as part of a comedy team or something like that for instance. But writing a piece with one person is definitely something I can handle.

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  2. I like to write on my own because my first drafts can be really messy. I sometimes discuss what I’m writing or what they’re writing with my friends and we throw ideas around that way.

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  3. I always write alone but do belong to a writing group of woman friends and we share our work on a monthly basis. We have talked about writing a piece together but haven’t gotten to it yet, it will be interesting to see the outcome of such an adventure since we all have very different writing styles!

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  4. i can’t imagine not writing alone; it’s so in my head. It was always only in my head; then I was introduced to the Reverie and prompts and now I have a blog as well. But sharing at that point is hard enough without having to share the kernel of an idea: scarey stuff!

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  5. I really enjoy collaborating with others because of the ideas that they bring to the table. As long as you have a structure or theme in place and you are not afraid to be the owner/editor of the piece, you can go to places that you never would have dreamed of if you had finished the piece on your own 🙂 The only problem or fly in the ointment that I find with it is when people leave you hanging and don’t finish the piece off. However this rarely happens to me and I’ve got wonderful collaborations on my blog to cherish and complement my own individual pieces. I am always open to working with others if they have the enthusiasm to work with me, it is the best experience in the world!

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