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I know a lot writers who do not enjoy going out on stage and sharing their work. I don’t feel like I”m the best at it, but after it’s happened, I do enjoy it. There’s something extremely satisfying about the immediacy in sharing my work with a crowd. I’ve done this via the stage in front of people and in a virtual setting. My question to you , dear poets, have you ever done an open mic night? If you have-how was it for you? Would you do it again? And if you haven’t-would you ever?

I’ll meet you in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Taking it to the stage | Let’s Talk About

  1. I am mostly shy and contemplative when in a large crowd so I was also reluctant at first on reading my works in front of an audience, but now i am just looking foreward the next event as i found out people are stirred in voracious debates or enchanted by my writings and sometimes, if i get it right, mesmerized by my voice. I am reading now 3 times a month works at the arts and literature circles i attend in Bucharest and now I prepare one’s self to be put face to face with audiences, writing veterans and critics at the next upcoming editions of The Rostrum of Writers Without Prejudices.

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