Wordle me spring Bukowski

It’s the first prompt of April and in the U.S. it’s National Poetry Month! If you notice more poems being written, that’s why.

I thought it would be fun to do a wordle of made of words from Charles Bukowski’s poem, “And the Moon and the Stars and the World.”

Because when  you think of Spring, you definitely think of Bukowski?


Just me?


Here’s your wordle, use as many or as little words as you want. Choose your own adventure and write it up!



Check out what each is doing and share! Let’s build this community. All links will be added to this year’s digest.

Remember on Fridays, we’re having a bit of a chat. If you didn’t catch last Friday’s swing by and join in about do you take the stage as a poet?

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Have fun and share this link!


2 thoughts on “Wordle me spring Bukowski

  1. http://viseleunuiinsomniac.blogspot.ro/2015/04/visions-of-good-soul.html

    Visions of a good soul

    Crimson skies pour lead Easter eggs from fuscous clouds,
    Mists and fogs fight for whom will bring humanity under its shrouds…
    The good departed soul awakes sinful from slumber at night,
    Watching and peeking as dryads waltz burlesque in freight:
    Tyrant and putrid housewives open the cryptic windows
    Trying to find their one ring shackled husbands… and then to remain widows…

    Ashy feet take walks of long and firm steps upon the chaotic sands,
    Tired of their forsaken place in order to find new uncharted lands;
    In shadows of suns and pierced by moons they rot and decay,
    Grasping upon dark wings of ravens the immortal canvas of gray,
    The angels of tantalizing fleshes, the addiction they flay –
    The beer-maddened muses and nymphs which by tainted quill the good soul shall slay!

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  2. The words displayed here are magic indeed Vlad​​, a superb eclectic use from The Reverie prompt, you are a master of your craft and style and show originality, humour and wit beneath the dark, sensual overtones of the piece. Bravo Sir, bravo!

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