It’s a Family Affair| Let’s Talk About It

Families can be so different. Some put the “fun” in dysfunctional. Others have created who systems to avoid conflict and confrontation. Each of us, whether we want to admit it or not come from some background.


For the longest time I was very hesitant about writing about my family. I was afraid I would say too much, or say too little. I didn’t want to start an argument. Gradually, I’ve realized that I need to write about them for myself.

Do you write about your family in your poetry or do you avoid the topic all together? Let’s talk about it.

This week’s writing prompt is Daddy Issues.  And if you didn’t get a chance to, check out this week’s publication opportunity.

See you in the comments!

3 thoughts on “It’s a Family Affair| Let’s Talk About It

  1. I have stayed away from it for so long but I think Im ready now

    It’s official i need a family intervention
    I’m allergic to them like fuckin penicillin
    Its real tho cuz im the only one thats true for
    Give me some liquid serum then we cld really do a detour
    Out of the fire, into the flame, pot calling the kettle black
    If i were to step in a room wit her id claw her front to back
    Im classy not trashy tho i cld never be ratchet so
    But call me on a blue nites moon n ill let my inhibitions go
    Look, i know weve been thru alot
    Some before i was even born
    N i always carried a burden like im the reason ur torn
    But now wit yrs behind us ive gotta let my heart rest
    N let the youth have the chance to get the best
    Id claw ur eyes out but that cant take back the yrs
    N all this time im talking ive had to hold back tears
    Cuz i wanna b wit ppl that care about me
    Not strangers lookin to figure me out n prod answers outta me
    Guessing they cld never b as close to me without
    asking me all these questions about why my mother is out
    But u already know the answers n u dont even have to look
    Cuz u were there right wit me n didnt find out thru facebook
    If i dont hold on but let go ull see
    If i dont cry for pain but for joy ill see
    That If i forgive u today, tomorrows anew
    Well b closer to peace at least that’s true

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  2. When I talk about familly
    (present or future, even past)
    in poetry or by other means
    I sometimes do it openly
    or in metaphor’s shadows at the very last
    Like my life the subject was widely
    Opened and cut in turquoise shards
    I always say too much and honor the memory
    And witches put spells so that little you now know
    Another word and image in my tainted quill of gory
    I have always for your eyes to show….
    Not now my children of chaotic darkness
    For I only bow and send my regards
    And go in search of emerald goddess

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