Keep it cool kids | Poetry Prompt

Poetry Prompt--about "cool"

Poetry Prompt--about "cool"

Hey everyone! I’m back from West Virginia, my timing is all shot. Bear with me, I’ll get back on track soon enough.

I’m hot. I’m hot as balls on a tin rough. It’s that kind of hot that multiple glasses of ice water, tepid showers and Popsicles just doesn’t touch. I think I need to trick my mind into thinking about cool things.

This is where you come in, oh dear poets.

Let’s write about something cool. It can be a state of mind, actually about straight up icebergs, whatever. Just keep it cool kids…

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Have fun and share your poems!


2 thoughts on “Keep it cool kids | Poetry Prompt

  1. Verses of ice in summer’s fire


    Raise the chalice!
    Stir the emerald bonfire!
    In the pot put liquorice
    The flavor to entice;
    Then in with the apprentice,
    Tender to become on the balefire…
    He is to be served with rice
    At the guests of the campfire.


    Behold the new vice
    That cools even the fire!
    Brings to the living a new spice,
    By the powers of the nymphs twice,
    By the muses and goddess thrice:
    Setting the living and the dead afire,
    The quill is rolling time’s dice
    And its verses capture all in the crossfire…


    At the brink of chaos I assemble the solstice
    And pierce the blackness with eclipses of wildfire.
    There the turquoise muse waits in her lacy bodice
    To slain me behind rapture’s lattice,
    My spirit to entomb deep in her abyssal precipice…
    I have risen in lead wings from the thirteenth hellfire
    Baptizing my decayed body with her kisses of ice
    And vain mortals are sacrificed as I set her tenebrously afire.

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