In darkened corners | Poetry Prompt

What is lurking in the recesses of your mind? Peaking around darkened corners. Sometimes you see it the most when it’s in a dream form. When the body is ruled by it’s subconscious and rules of thought fade and sway out the door.

So let’s get deeper.

Let’s write a poem based on a dream. Doesn’t matter what kind of dream (daydream, nightmare, fever dream etc…) Make it interesting. Take us into your mind for a piece. We’ll leave bread crumbs so we won’t get lost.

Be sure to share with us your poem either by linking back to this post or copying it directly into the comments. Can’t wait to read what you come up with.

Hope you have a great week and happy writing!


10 thoughts on “In darkened corners | Poetry Prompt

  1. This was an actual dream – nightmare – I had a few months back.

    “Some Dreams”

    Some dreams are
    harder to shake.
    when i’m standing
    in our home, seeing
    the chip in the countertop
    and the scraped paint
    on the doorways.
    the dust on the floor
    and the wrinkles on
    the bed where you
    lay there with her.
    I open my mouth to
    speak and no words
    escape. Not that you’d
    have heard them with your
    face buried in her hair.
    Some dreams are
    harder to shake.

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  2. Dissolving

    Your gaze falls on me
    like drops of rain
    on a parched earth
    Your voice
    plays my senses
    like a finely tuned violin
    Your touch is as soft
    as the silken petals
    of a rose
    Your kiss as sweet
    as the nectar
    of blossoms
    I reach out
    to hold you close
    and find only air
    I open my eyes
    You are the dream
    that dissolves
    every day

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