Wordle Me Murder She Wrote

murder wordleI’ve been on a Murder She Wrote binge on Netflix. You know, like you do. I’ve been seeing mysteries around every corner and murder on the horizon. Of course, today’s prompt reflects that.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Murder She Wrote is a show about a mystery writer, who’s always getting involved in real-life murders. She lives in an idealistic town in New England. The show doesn’t care about things like police procedure or anything remotely realistic. It’s fun filled with the sweet 80’s style and Angela Lansbury played the lead role, Jessica Fletcher. This may have influenced me wanting to be a writer when I was young. Jessica is always getting invited to the best parties. *sigh*

Here are the words that spring to mind:




The Coast



New England



Money <—-inevitably, the murders are somehow linked to money. Always follow the money.

Be sure to share with us your poem either by linking back to this post or copying it directly into the comments. Can’t wait to read what you come up with.

Hope you have a great week and happy writing!


11 thoughts on “Wordle Me Murder She Wrote

  1. Murder she wrote

    It is the 1369th millennia
    After the Grand Insomnia…
    Year of the tenebrous Chaos…
    New England is on ocean’s depths
    Unfolding enigma’s of billion deaths.

    Upon its ruins are new risen territories,
    Deformed and tormented,
    Of sinful ancestries,
    And shapeless of shades…
    And the name was suited:
    The Coast or The Ribs of Hades.

    The weaved shrouds of lies
    Veil the naked truth
    Between beastly cries,
    Were darkened creatures roam in their youth–
    A rotten corpse left
    To be a feast famished worms,
    Livid and lifeless in appearance,
    Stiffened in enriched exuberance,
    With the walls painted in theft
    By viscous blood in cuneiforms.

    Was it an alluring suicide?
    Or was a vile deed by other hide?
    An intrigue to all bystanders
    By the unholy wanders:
    Coins crucified to the ceiling…
    The money in the walls abandoned untouched…
    Oh! So alluring…
    The police got them pouched.

    The mystery had zounds of fogs and mists,
    Eclipses and pouring with magic and fists;
    But the Goddess Akasha had mercy upon their souls,
    She set in a quill and sent a witch of a writer to solve the fouls.
    Upon crafting the emerald charm inscribed in enchanted note
    All could see that moment… It was MURDER she wrote!

    © 1 September 2015 Vlad Teodor Petcu @ Visele unui insomniac


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  2. Murder I Wrote

    Dearest, don’t read this letter

    (I know you will)

    Don’t inhale my fragrance
    buried in the paper

    (are you taking deep breaths?)

    The words are banal ones
    you’ve heard before

    (don’t leave me, we belong together)

    and have no use for anymore

    All I want from you is one last act
    Touch the dampness to your lips
    to taste the salt of futile tears

    Do you feel your eyes grow moist?
    Does your throat feel choked?
    No, you are not weeping, my love,
    It’s just the poison from my pen
    working in your veins

    Say your last goodbye
    for I wrote you my revenge

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