A Walk across the Sky

If I could walk across the sky
Be among the stars
On a night so clear and grey
I’d look at the moon
And, say –
Surrender your throne
For, stars too have a desire to be known
To be the night-sun
To sparkle alone

If I could walk across the sky
On a cloudless night as this
I’d pluck the stars
And, gather them in a wicker basket
I’d sprinkle them
On the earth surface
A twinkling delight
A blazing ball of fire
With golden arms, stretched out for an embrace
Like the people who walk the planet
With a glimmer in their eyes
With fire in their strides
Touching a million souls
With their tender heart
Their inner light


Swati is a creative writer and a blogger based in Bangalore, India. An aspiring fiction writer, and an art dabbler, she writes about the psychology of creativity and the craft of writing on her website Writer Diaries. She also writes poetry on her blog Epiphanies.


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