What’s in a Year? | Poetry Prompt

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Milestones come in all shapes in sizes. We here at The Reverie just celebrated our first birthday! That was certainly an exciting and happy milestone to celebrate.

But sometimes our anniversary dates aren’t so happy. Sometimes we remember dates that are connected to painful moments in our lives. It’s an anniversary of emotion and that’s what we want to see from you this week.

Think about a date that you go back to, one that’s connected to some pretty strong emotions (they can be good, or bad, of a heady mix of the two). Take us back to that date, give us a flashback, make us feel it.

Don’t forget to pingback to this post so we can check out your writing. Or you can post the poem in the comment section as well.

If you have any suggestions for a future prompt, email us at thereveriejournal@gmail.com with subject : Monday Prompts. If we use it, we’ll thank you in the post, so make sure to send your blog address, Twitter, or something that we can refer people to as a thank you.

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