Launch Day!

Live! In an Amazon store near you…

The Reverie Journal: Issue One

Print Edition: $6.99 available HERE

The Reverie

Both the print and Kindle versions are available today on Amazon. Of course, it wouldn’t be this issue of the magazine unless their was a hiccup. So…the free Kindle version will not be available until tomorrow. You will have five wonderful, glorious days to get your free copy!

Please help us spread the word by sharing below and thank you for your constant support of The Reverie Journal!

Kindle Edition: 99 cents available HERE

available now


18 thoughts on “Launch Day!

  1. I’m sorry, at this time as we are still a free zine we are unable to provide compensation or free print books to our contributors. All the proceeds from the magazine sales go directly to the maintenance of this site. Thank you for contributing and I have you enjoy your free Kindle copy though!


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    My first big project (outside of my own work)! I did the cover work, the marketing, and the entire book formatting for print and Kindle editions. You can receive your copy free for a limited time today through 10/14.

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    Show some love to Laura and Tamara who put in a lot of hard work putting this collection together and support some amazing poets and people. You might even read a poem by me included in the journal!

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  4. I am proud to be a part of all this. I was wanting to purchase a copy in print. Do the contributors get a discount code to use? I may be mistaken about that. It is still very exciting news!

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