All Those Yesterdays| Poetry Prompt

Before we go any further, remember that The Reverie Issue One is available for free for your Kindle right now! Get your copy. Tell your friends. (The excitement hasn’t faded yet.)

I find that there’s certain things that can take me back in time. Seeing starlight mints reminds me of my grandma. Honeysuckles remind me of childhood. And of course, music. Certain songs can transport me right back to a place and time. For today’s prompts, take a song from your teens, and write a poem about that time in your life. Or write a poem in the voice of your angst riddled self. Have fun with it!

Don’t forget to backlink to this post so we can check out your writing. Or you can post the poem in the comment section as well.

I really liked this song a ridiculous amount as a teen. It was a song that I would forget the name of the band, and then I’d have to go through a lot of absurd steps to find out their names. This is back in the dark ages pre-Google in my life.:

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