Wordle Me A Reverie

Let’s all go on a journey together. Discover something interesting and new. Take a few words and make a story. Create something bold. Beautiful. Dark. Lovely.

We’ve been talking about this book and how proud of it we are.  For today’s poetry prompt, create a reverie of your own with 13 words from 13 pieces that were in Issue One.

Here’s the list of words taken from different points in 13 poems. Some are titles and others are words in the body that struck my eye:

pearl, shades, grace, drowning, body, street, end, windmills, desperate, born, heels, precipice, immortalized

Have fun with this! Don’t forget to backlink to this post so we can check out your writing. Or you can post the poem in the comment section as well.

3 thoughts on “Wordle Me A Reverie

  1. A reverie by other means

    The windmills of ration are stiffened still
    Surrendered at the feet of Her Grace The Muse
    Shades of twisted smiles scorch deep into abyssal hearts
    Drowning runes, glyphs and words in shackles of alluring thrill
    The soul is desperate for tainted oblivion and redemption
    Born at the absolute power of her liquefied kiss
    End the angel, shrouded in her rapturous arms,
    Under the ultimate eclipse of her blazing eyes’ heels
    The decayed body resurrects in pagan baptism
    The precipice of thoughts is forgotten and forbidden
    Another is the street to be vagrantly walked upon
    Immortalized in the hectic chimeras of communication
    The Muse’s foretold pearl is encrypted by the quill

    ©23 October Vlad Teodor Petcu @ Visele unui insomniac


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