Vanquishing your demons | Poetry Prompt

It’s getting so close to Halloween! Let’s do a Halloween themed poetry prompt.

Think of a day. A bad day.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a devastating day that caused you to not leave your house for weeks, but you can get that dark if you like. One that you haven’t quite gotten over yet. Take that day and personify him into some type of ghoul. A monster. A horrible creature.

Avenge yourself against this bad day! And the put the bad thing to rest.

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Have fun with this! Don’t forget to backlink to this post so we can check out your writing. Or you can post the poem in the comment section as well.

Can’t wait to read your words!

2 thoughts on “Vanquishing your demons | Poetry Prompt


    ” “You Owe Me,” he said.”

    Those three little words
    rattled in my head
    for months.

    This noose, this debt I
    never knew existed, now
    hung low over my head.

    I’ve never been one for knots
    So I let it trail behind,
    Wearisome, weighty.

    I tripped more than once,
    Each time tightening the rope,
    Inflaming the flesh.

    Though it eventually loosened
    enough to slip over my head,
    I’d grown accustomed to its weight.

    I couldn’t let it go, dragging it
    along beside me. When I dreamed,
    it was still around my neck.

    He came back to check on me,
    years later. I felt sickened, stunned;
    he had forgotten about the noose.

    Infuriated, I dropped the rope.
    A deep breath filled my lungs
    with confidence, determination.

    I smiled and batted dark
    lashes his direction. It was my
    turn. It was his debt.

    Flirty banter kept it light,
    kept it moving, until he made
    his move toward me.

    My strength surprised us both: all
    those years pulling the rope. I kissed
    him hard on the mouth.

    I bit his bottom lip, raked my fingers
    through his hair. What he felt as
    passion, I felt as revenge.

    When he closed his eyes,
    I slipped my own noose
    Over his head.

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