A new beginning| Poetry Prompt

“It’s a new dawn
  It’s a new day
  It’s a new life
       For me
And I’m feeling good

~Nina Simone- “Feeling Good”

It’s about to happen, whether you’re ready or not. Time marches on and all we can do is accept, opening up our arm’s to time’s warm embrace and find joy in it. Or fight it tooth and nail, denial, denial, denial.

Sure there’s in-between states of being and acceptance, but the extremes are so much fun to play with.

This is what I task you with, my dear poets. The last poem of the year from The Reverie Journal’s prompt bank (i.e. the editors’ brain spaces).

Write about a start. It could be one that the person is welcoming or hates. It could be something your subject needs to do or should have done. The start that could’ve been if he just would’ve made that choice.

Get creative! Be bold! Wow us, amuse us. Make us cry. The New Year is dawning, my friends. Let’s greet it with our words.

Please either backlink or share your link in the comments below. We’re greedy for your words. And share this prompt if you wouldn’t mind. Let’s go into 2016 encouraging more people to channel their inner muses.

We’ll meet you down in the comments.

In case you didn’t know the song that was running through my mind while I wrote these words:

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