A New Year, A New Look, A New Prompt, A New Issue

We’re talking all sorts of  new here.

It’s a brand new year. I’ll be scribbling out 2015 on all my paperwork for the next few weeks. I may even remember to write a ‘6’ at some point this month. I mean, the possibilities are endless.

The Reverie Journal got a new look (from Book Genesis). I guess it’s easier to improve the look of a website, versus improve the look of the numbers on my bathroom scale…-le sigh-

The new year is all about change and growth and excitement with the boundless possibilities. Everywhere we turn there seems to be windows and doors opening before us, fresh new viewpoints, and dreams building there on the horizon.

That was beautiful, wasn’t it?

My New Year’s resolution was to work on my positivity.

And to find ways to convince myself that bacon really is a diet food.

But I digress. Let’s get down to it.

I said a new prompt and a new issue. Those are big news items.

The Reverie Journal is now open for submissions for Issue Two.

We are so excited to start this project again. Our first issue was plagued with hiccups, but thanks to our fantastic poets, and some serious crunch work, we were able to bring you a beautiful book anyone would be proud to be featured in. We loved doing it so much, we’re doing it again.

You can check out our first issue here and then head over to our submissions page for information on how to submit to the magazine. We can’t wait to work with you all to create a lasting masterpiece.

Of course, if the magazine isn’t for you, don’t worry. We are always looking for poets for our Write for Us segment. We want to feature your work on our site. Share with us and let us help showcase your hard work.


Photo by Logan Sakai (Creative Commons)

Now on to the prompt…

Your prompt is to utilize the word: game.

Think of it as the word itself, as a theme, the feelings we place behind the word…let your imagination go. Have fun with this.

And know that “game” is a really big hint to something fun we’ll be bringing you tomorrow…

Please remember to link your post back to this one or leave it in the comments. You can tag it with #thereveriejournal, too, and we’ll find it! You’ve got until Friday to send in your response for the week.

We’re going to bring back voting THIS Saturday. The poem with the highest number of votes will be posted on Sunday and will be considered for publication in the second issue of the magazine.

So make sure you share, share, share!


14 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Look, A New Prompt, A New Issue

  1. “Word Games”

    Stacking words
    against each other,
    filling them with spite and scorn

    Choosing words carefully,
    painstakingly arranging
    each one for maximum impact

    One wrong move
    and the whole thing
    comes crashing down

    (from my new release, “White Lies in Blue Ink”!)

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  2. The Game

    It was a clever game
    you played
    I can see that now
    Reeling me in
    just enough
    to keep me hooked
    But not so close
    that I struggled
    You scattered
    just enough seeds
    so I was tempted
    But not so many
    that my hunger abated
    You said just enough
    to make me feel special
    But not so much
    that I took it for granted
    You were a puzzle
    I thought I had solved
    But you were gone
    long before
    the final piece
    fell into place

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  3. Ouija

    A voice from the shadows fills the air
    It freights the heart and puts rational mind to despair
    Her words come blunt, truthfully and weighty
    Heed the sapience even when is naughty

    Graphics and symbols engraved
    On paths shady enlightened
    By magic of the fallen paved
    With gates and keepers darkened

    A band of spirits the deed enact
    So the mortals can contact
    The undead and the departed
    The unknown….and the retarded

    God and Satan are debating
    If it’s the echo of a forgery
    But we find them guns calibrating
    When the naked truth reveals its mystery

    Science and religion are antiques
    When developing new techniques
    Thru mists and witchcraft you are reborn
    By the gracious god’s quill and his sinning thorn

    Fathom everything with grace
    While you seek the god
    No mask can hide your taint
    But for getting his embrace
    Enthrall the perky muse on the forsaken rod
    To rotten the new aphrodisiac saint

    There is the foulest of decisions
    When waste becomes from diamonds and gold
    The corpse of the quill carries obsessions
    Everyone will greedy taste
    Panting hard and deep losing their chaste
    As you, with last breath, to him thy soul you’ve sold

    Your body is a vestige of a primal
    Hymn of tears, death, and blood
    Into a ravishing juice melting grotesque
    Of delirious ambrosia and acidic nectar
    When is caressed and bitten feral
    Bones are cleaned to the thrill an exotic mood
    Offered on the boiled altar
    Horny-skinned token of unholy picturesque

    22 September 2014

    Written on 22 September 2014 for the upcoming “Epitaph of the Decayed Quill” project, dedicated to Sylvia Plath.


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