Games Mean Winning Prizes

I mean, what kind of game doesn’t involve a prize? That makes the whole thing worthwhile.

And we want to play a game.

So, we have a prize:

You can win a free print edition of The Reverie Journal, Issue One.

I’ll give you a second to get all excited.

Good? Good.

Now then, we can’t just give away a copy for nothing. I mean, we could, but we’re not. To win you have to play the game:

Scavenger Hunt

The Rules:

  1. The winner will be the first one to post their answers to each item on the list in the comment section on tomorrow’s post, which will go live at 10 AM/EST.
  2. You must have a correct answer for each search.
  3. Play nice.

Easy enough, right?

Remember, the post will go up tomorrow at 10 AM/EST. We will choose a winner based on whoever comments first with the correct answers. A second place winner will also receive a prize of a free e-book copy of The Reverie Journal, Issue One. All the websites where you will find the answers are hyperlinked in the items below.

And consider giving our editors and contributors a like and follow while you are visiting!

Here are the items you must find:

  • Our amazing editor, Tamara Woods, hosts a TweetChat called #WriteStuff. What day and time does she host the TweetChat?
  • Our other editor, me, Laura A. Lord, has a new poetry collection coming out this summer. What is it called?
  • Fill in the blank. The Reverie Journal’s mission statement is: Be bold. Be brutally honest. Be the ________ that reignites the world’s love affair with poetry.
  • Which two poets in The Reverie Journal’s first issue of the magazine do not have their own websites yet?
  • Ann Bagnall writes many styles of poetry. One of them starts with a ‘M’. What is it called?
  • Zoe Byrd hosts a weekly challenge. What is the challenge?
  • Mel Douleur admits to being completely obsessed with this certain aspect of nature. What is her obsession?
  • Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi is an Assistant Professor of what?
  • Sloppy Etymology features a quote on her blog. Who is the quote by?
  • Jessica Halsey features a quote the poem published in The Reverie Journal, Issue One, on her blog. Fill in the blank from that quote. “In this moment the body’s worth can be measured by the grace of ____________…”
  • Anne Jadin has a section on her blog for favorite what?
  • Paul Kane has a photograph on his Facebook featured two umbrellas. What colors are the umbrellas?
  • Olufunke Kolapo has written a short story titled, what?
  • Elizabeth N. Love’s blog features a picture of what insect?
  • How many pages is Isabella J. Mansfield’s collection, At Arms Length?
  • How many books does L. Stewart Marsden have for sale on his blog?
  • Stephanie Marsh writes over at We Don’t Chew _________.
  • On Saturdays, Yves K. Morrow hosts a prompt on her sister blog. What kind of prompt is it?
  • Tolu Oloruntoba’s site has a tagline that reads “reeling in writhing _______”, what?
  • What three colors are most prominent on Vlad Teodor Petcu’s blog?
  • Kirsten A. Piccini’s social media icons feature what article of clothing?
  • Mark Schutter is more than just a poet, he is also a talented artist. What one animals is featured the most in his artwork?
  • Donetta Sifford takes part in a blogging group called Bloggers for _______.
  • Kelli Simpson calls herself the “Keeper of the ______.”
  • Eloise De Sousa has a fantastic nickname that rhymes with Jell-O. What it is?
  • Gary Tribble’s site features of photograph of him with what in his mouth?
  • Uma Venkatraman’s blog has an cute comic by Doug Savage on it. What animals are featured in the comic?

WHEW! That’s it. Compile your answers and get ready to post tomorrow at 10 AM/EST.

Have fun!

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