Lost in the Darkness | Prompt

Some of you may noticed the prompt was…well,…not here yesterday.

I am so very blessed to be living in the affected area of what everyone seems to be calling “snowacopolyse.” I’d laugh at the absurdity of it, but I’m on day three of having my children home from school and it’s just not funny anymore.

We had a power outage yesterday that left us spending quality time together in the glow of so many candles it looked like we were mourning the dead or performing a demonic incantation.

So in light of our darkness, I want you to write about the darkness.

Make it your theme, use the word, talk about light in the darkness…Whatever inspires you, let the darkness guide it!

Remember to link up by posting in the comments below or linking back to this post. All poems submitted for the prompt will be considered for this year’s magazine. Happy writing!

4 thoughts on “Lost in the Darkness | Prompt

  1. Mirrors of darkness

    From the nightmarish canvas are lacerated
    Two black mirrors framed in putrid fleshes.
    Winter weeps for its own extinction
    And its morbid reflection of reckoning
    Is shackled in two black mirrors framed in putrid fleshes…

    In the barren necropolis, in a viscous flow,
    The darkness ruinously descends
    And the tenebrous muse unleashes her feline tongue
    Delivering the void of the obscure runes, with her opiating fragrance…
    Primeval reflection!

    I foretell the muse’s devouring concealed beyond the opaque eternity…

    Forsaken is time, a last gasp with sickened gaze,
    Furies, hidden in the fog, lacerate the nightmarish canvas.
    And the muse’s shadows frozen the pitch black Styx
    Into a morbid reflection of reckoning
    Upon the cadaveric winter –
    Haunting reflection!

    I foretell the muse’s devouring concealed beyond the opaque eternity…

    Abyssal deep I enter the wretched reflection of reckoning
    And upon the heathen altar – the midnight marble carved in sinful taints –
    I relinquish my sepulchral soul,
    Festering breathless,
    Laying upon her the thorny mystic roses, somber and eerie ceremony,
    Impish reflection! The muse and me!

    Twilight… Night! The apocalyptic moonlight sonata from a blackish piano!
    The weeping wraiths are slain by sinister ravens.
    Enthroned in the barren necropolis
    The Gipsy darkness,
    The depraved corpses
    Are shackled in two black mirrors framed in putrid fleshes…

    © 5 February 2016 Vlad Teodor Petcu @ Visele unui insomniac



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