Valentine’s Day without the Valentines

It’s back. Hearts. Flowers. Chocolate. More couples than you knew existed skipping their way out of the woodwork. Hallmark’s cash register chiming cha-ching! It’s February and the Valentines are letting their red and pink shine.

Let’s try something a little different in honor of this holiday for lovers. I’m going to give you a list of lucky number 13 words associated with Valentine’s Day. I want you to write about anything but romance. Non-romance poem, heavy in romantic words. Try to use all of the words. I think you can totally rock this challenge.

Remember to always bring more people to the party. You may not be in love with Valentine’s Day, but share the love with your friends anyway.

Remember any poems linked up to this post will be considered for this year’s anthology. Happy writing!

  1. heart
  2. teddy
  3. ring
  4. partner
  5. date
  6. romance
  7. affection
  8. rose
  9. committed
  10. spark
  11. passion
  12. whispers
  13. love

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day without the Valentines

  1. Valentine’s aftermath

    A mourning fiend in rotten ash mirrors leads his banished heart
    As she walks away silent, in roaring lament of innocence –
    Her blood is the infinite trails… her veins at dawn are pale…
    Her vagrant thoughts are all that remain.

    As passion committed the all righteous slaughter of love,
    When whispers spark the uranium romance,
    The ravens gaze with affection at the liquefied corpses.

    A rose blooms endarkened in the ghastly cemetery,
    Decomposing violets, tulips and peonies in turquoise mists
    Of a famished aftermath that enshrouds the eerie pastel.

    A crisp and barren threnody shivers a vicious ring –
    It is the echo of Chaos preying upon its partner
    The everlasting vampish goddess Akasha…
    And the rotten ash mirrors strip in sultry abysses of encrypted runes.

    Forsaken is my ravenous path… I roam upon it concealed in timeless shadows…
    My quill carves teddy’s fleshes in chronicles of the wordless…
    A greyish sketch appears and devours the blur of heathen muses…
    It is the era of the unique taboo date… Be hushed, by twilight’s thunder, for I am near!

    © 5 February 2016 Vlad Teodor Petcu @ Visele unui insomniac

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