Inner Space Odyssey by Martha Magenta

I wish to be free from the heavy weight
of guilt, and shadows of sin and hate.
Slave to desire, I see I’m weak.
Escape is not the flight I seek.

On the edge of the abyss I meditate,
and know I must begin a great
journey of the inner soul,
the only way to become whole.

My inner space odyssey begins,
as I am drawn deep within –
an inward journey where I’ll find
jewels in the monolith of the mind.

I feel a pull I can’t resist
to where time ceases to exist.
Everything becomes a void.
All I know has been destroyed.

I feel a sense of peace instill,
as the empty void begins to fill
with all the scattered parts of me,
and broken pieces of humanity.

I am the sentinel of my mind,
that only a dissident can find.
I am all parts of infinity,
stretching through eternity.

Deeper, I’m drawn into the depths,
creating energy with my breath.
I see Venus, Jupiter and Mars…
and…Oh… my God it’s full of stars!

Martha Magenta is a poet who resides in England. She has been writing poetry for over three years. Her poems focus on a wide variety of topics and issues including: love, loss, inner discovery, spirituality, Buddhism, and meditation, environment abuse and violence against women. She parleys political propaganda and sheds light on concepts such as freedom and patriotism. You can find Martha’s blog, here.

2 thoughts on “Inner Space Odyssey by Martha Magenta

  1. By pure chance, I woke this morning feeling immense gratitude, aware of many recent choices I’ve made to let go, not to abondon but to stop clinging to so many people, experiences, hopes and wishes I’d been been unwilling to let go of. Some of these choices seemed to entail risk of making mistakes that would have been disastrously painful to others even more than to me, but seemed necessary where I found myself, needing to break out — not so much out of deadening circumstances, but out of my own dysfunctional attitudes and reactions to them —

    As I was appreciating the little growth events these lettings go have been allowing me to experience, I opened my computer to find Martha Magenta’s poem “Inner Space Odyssey” and felt like I was reading my autobiography. You’ve captured so much more of the inner odyssey experience, the risks and the triumphs, in this poem than I did in my own “Ulysses”, which The Reverie published last eek at

    Thank you, Martha, for the gift of your poetry, and editors of The Reverie for publishing this work.


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