The Time that It Took by Janelle Marie

I keep telling myself Janelle, witnessing life means there needs to be a witness. I’ve been running from being present to the moment like it was fitness.

But, it was sudden.
The season changed from what I’ve done to what she doesn’t.
All we need is love on the radio and bless you’s to the lady next to me in the bathroom stall. Went from talking about Love in the singular form to asking how to show Love to us all.
Teachers who don’t call themselves that and smiles from a man flipping the sign on the street. No two moments the same even if they say these years have been on repeat, I’m just grateful. “In the moment” turned out better than plans. We sang that song in preschool about how God had the world in his hands and I get it. I get it, I do. Lyrics didn’t say OUR palms, the lyrics gave us clear direction. I grew up thinking I had to plan life out for my own protection but I’m letting go and grateful that the sun doesn’t shine on my watch because if it did, it’d be late every morning haha

We’re just growing. Respect I’m showing. I have to stop taking credit for things I know without even knowing. Like how do I expect to grow without making time for growing?

It’s all good even when it all isn’t.

I’m put in my place when I back out the race, our time deserves patience so give us some space. What’s with all the hurry and saving of face, the man got you rushing and running from grace.

Conscious whispering to you:
Like baaaaaby, aren’t you tired yet?
With allll that runnin and chasin
You think it’s time well spent but it’s time waistin

Pace it. Don’t let the hype of all these other lives have you shook. Rome was built in the time that it took.

I was named Janelle Marie. I currently reside in Las Vegas and am training myself to focus on The One Thing. From that place, all in aligned loved ones! I’m 25 so far and would be honored to share and express on your platform. You can find Janelle’s blog, here.

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