Let’s Talk About…A Q&A with Laura A. Lord

Every month I interview an indie author for my PenPaperPad Talks Books segment on my YouTube channel. This week, I interviewed Laura A. Lord, one of our esteemed editors. We discuss her poetry, self-esteem, and The Reverie Journal and our submissions.

One thing we didn’t mention in this interview that we’ve been talking about recently is the possibility of accepting spoken word pieces for our “Write for Us” and our Anthology submissions. With each year, we’d like to stretch ourselves. Push ourselves into trying something new. That’s the new addition to our 2016 submission process. We haven’t finalized the exact type of files that will work best for us, but when we do, we’ll update the submission page according.

Here we are in all of our awkward glory. If you have any questions or comments, definitely leave them down in the comments. I’ll meet you there!

*Next week, things will be to our normal schedule. Thanks for your patience.* 

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