Hunger Mountain| Publishing Opportunity

We at The Reverie Journal are trying to create a community where we help each other. Each week, we give you a prompt for writing, we try to highlight one of you (if you’d like to be in the spotlight on Wednesday learn more here) and on Thursdays we post a publishing opportunity. Of course, we’d like for you to publish with us, but as poets we realize that publishing can be a tough part of this journey. We try to help with the burden.

In this week’s publishing opportunity we have Hunger Mountain, which is out of the Vermont College of Fine Arts. They accept  high quality work from unknown, emerging or successful poets. No genre fiction, drama, or academic articles.

Our mission is to cultivate engagement with and conversation about the arts by publishing high-quality, innovative literary and visual art by both established and emerging artists, and by offering opportunities for interactivity and discourse.

Submit using online submission manager.

Managing Editor: Samantha Kolber


Please go to their website for more information.

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