Beating the Big Bad | Poetry Prompt

This weekend we were waiting on the islands for the hurricane to hit. Well it had been downgraded to a tropic storm, but with the potential for 50 mph winds and so much rain, the name isn’t really that important. Initially, we didn’t know anything was going on. We’d gone to watch Star Trek indulging in our nerdy side. I loved it and totally bought the StarTrek insignia cup.  Afterward, I turned on my phone and my Math Guy’s mother had texted us to see if we were ok. Apparently, Hawai’i was a state of emergency from this tropical storm. Who knew?

(This was a reminder that it’s good to check in with local news on a daily basis, just to make sure you’re not in danger of being blown into the Pacific.)

We hunkered down in the house, grabbed delicious snacks with healthy choices for the next couple of days. And wine.

The rain and it blew most of the afternoon into the night. Our house didn’t see the worse of it and we mostly just read and played PokemonGo.

What does this have to do with today’s prompt?, you ask, your frow furrowed. Well fellow Poet, let me tell you today’s prompt:

Write a poem about when you expected something terrible- a big bad to happen- but instead was pleasantly surprised. Share your poems either through a backlink or adding your poem’s link to the comment section below.

Remember, we’re potentially looking at these poems submitted for the anthology. What is this, you ask? Learn more about it here. Be sure to backlink your posts or share your link in the comments below.

Happy writing!

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