Fake News | Poetry Prompt

I thought at first about using “Alternative Facts” but I feel like “Fake News” could lead to some much more interesting thoughts and comments.

Go there. Where? Wherever your mind takes you when you hear these words. These prompts are about what you’re feeling, what you’re seeing. What’s going on in your world. This is the most remarkable presidency in our lifetime regardless of where you sit on the political line. Write something real. Don’t be afraid.

This is your opportunity to write something real. Be bold and unapologetic. And it will have the opportunity to be published as a statement about the first at President Trump’s first year. This will lean neither for nor against it. Each month I will offer you a different prompt for this activity.You can interpret any way you would like. But the roots of your poem should be with the 45th President of the United States.

For this first prompt, let’s talk about fake news.

A portion of the proceeds will be dedicated to a charity of our choice. The rest will go to the upkeep of this website. Some changes are coming in the future of The Reverie Journal, but we need money to make it happen.

Write your poem about fake news. Let us know if you’d like to submit for possible publication and let’s see what we can create.

Add your link in the comments section, or if you don’t want to add it to the comments, send it to me via email at thereveriejournal@gmail.com.

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