The Red Scare | Poetry Prompt

This month’s prompt is about the alleged ties to Russia. The past month, it seems like every other day there was another potential connection with the Trump cabinet and Putin. What does it all mean? What does it mean to you? Is it the true story? Is it a smoke screen? Is there more to this than we’re hearing? Are we focusing too much on those Russian ties?

You tell me.

I want your poetry. Dark, angry, heated, light, loving, a snarky grin, and a cheeky smirk: give it all to me! This is your opportunity to discuss these matters in a way, in a real way that we don’t often get to in the “real” world. There’s no attack here, no judgment. Only a bunch of poets putting their pen to paper to write about one of the most remarkable presidencies that I’ve ever lived through.

Tell me more.

Email your poems to

The best of your work will go to a collection for publication in 2018. After the first year is over. I know many poets procrastinate and are instead going to wait until the last-minute. I would encourage you to write as things are happening, even if there’s something that I don’t create a heading for, write it. And if there’s a heading that you think I should suggest and haven’t, send me a tweet @ReverieJournal or @penpaperpad.


Thank you and get to writing!

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