Anthology Submissions

The Reverie produces a themed anthology once a year.

Submissions for the anthology is open. 

Submit poems to us by email at thereveriejournal at gmail dot com or use the contact form below to submit for the anthology. You may submit 1-3 poems per year for the anthology.

All poems must be received in one email. We will not open any attachments. Poems must be included in the body of the email. Please do not submit again until you have heard back from us. Current response time can be up to six weeks.

If using the form, please include your entire submission (all of the poems you are submitting) in the contact form below. Only the first form sent in will be considered. Only poems received during the current reading session will be considered for publication.

We accept new and original poems, defined as poems that have not been published elsewhere, aside from your personal blog. No simultaneous submissions nor postings to other publications.

Your submission needs to include the following in the body of your email:

1) Your name

2) Your titled poem(s)

3) A bio of 75 words or less (written in the third person)

4) Your blog’s name and URL (if you have a blog)

This year’s theme is BACK TO OUR ROOTS –

We are looking for poetry that talks about where you are from, what experiences shaped you, childhood, family, growth, or your hometown. We want you to go back in time for us and tap into those memories.

The anthology is due to be released Winter 2015.

By submitting poem(s) to the journal, you grant The Reverie First North American Serial Rights (FNASR) to publish your poem(s).

For information on FNASR, please click here.

We may be unable to accept poems that require unusual formatting. These will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to not publish your submission, though we will try to give feedback when able.

The Reverie anthology will be available for sale on Amazon for both hard copy and eBook. Poets selected for publication will receive one free eBook copy of the anthology and may purchase up to 2 copies of the anthology at print cost. To keep costs down no payment can be given at this time. (Hey, we’re not making anything either.)


5 thoughts on “Anthology Submissions

    • I’m sorry Uma but the anthology has been temporarily been put on hold. We will announce when it begins again. You caught me right as I was removing this page. Please feel free to submit to our Write for Us segment though!


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