Robin by Laura A. Lord

She woke in sleek lines and snapping tendons,
eyes parting on lavender fields – this sudden
awakening was ally to the bundle of lines

there, at the corner of her mouth.
Her smile lit the edges of dark shadows
and chased with the light of our sin
any chance of absolution with this sunrise.

I buried the sunlight in the
heat that gathered at her chest and
ravaged her cheeks, until red flags
possessed her and the purity of her skin
was wiped clean by kissing lips
and sympathetic fingers…

I tripped along the image of a Robin,
that she was named for,
red-breasted as
the heat of emotion and languid
tongue rolling along her ethereal length
left her – skin glistening and shining
bright as a cherry,

and I, parting her hair and twisting each lock
like twine around my finger,
I dug a wry glimpse of the divine from under
the crinoline of her lashes where
the clear depths of her regret
were washed free with each faltering
grasp at the edge of the precipice.

She woke in sleek lines and snapping tendons,
an abrupt fall from slumber to present,
from plummeting to bursting.

© Laura A. Lord, 2016

Written in response to this week’s prompt: Name It. Were you able to come up with a love poem this week? Did you find inspiration in a name? Let’s see them!

She was Summer Storms

So I brought you a pretty cool prompt full of lots of words to use! Here’s my take on it. Enjoy!

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She had this way of sipping denial
One hundred proof, straight chasing like whiskey
Her restless mind swayed by expectations
And she only sleeps when it’s raining

Her voice held the shiver of jittering emotions
Never able to hide her mask of Cain
I thought, this girl could sing her own obituary
If I could hold back the rain, would you numb the pain?

She held the curtain closed like a consolation prize
Left me dangling with the burden of proof
I heard the music from the basement of her soul
And rain falls angry on the tin roof

Her lips were swollen with promises of melodies
And I was tumbling like bubbling champagne
I watched the storm clouds brew in her eyes
And I wonder, still I wonder who’ll stop the rain

Burning Regret- Unfilled


Tamara brought us a fantastic prompt this week and here’s her take on it!

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Where would he be tonight?

Wearing the red satin bra,
Matching lipstick
No panties.

Social media stalking.
Target identified.

Pre-gaming with vodka
Chasin’ it with regret.
Tastes like fiery tears.

Stumble out into the world.
My girls on my side.
They give me the side-eye; they think I can’t see.

Blinded by lust,
Propped up on stool,
Knees spread for a moment.

Exposing my world
In hopes for a glimpse
Of him.

He’s my white rabbit,
wearing a snapback instead of a top hat.
Tick tock, tick tock

Time’s meaning eliminated by dark corners.

His fingers stroked the strings
making them cry out
then whimper in servitude.

Crushed against bar
Tender shakes her head.
Pours another.

She’s watched this Escher sketch play out.
Me, drinking Turkey laced dreams.
Me vulnerable and waiting.

The stairs connect and I drink in circles.

My ego had been devoured
by the beast raging
in the apex of my thighs.

Every night, I prepare for him
Find him.
Watch him.

But I never speak.