Featured Poets

Issue 1: Featured Poets

H.K. Abell – N/A
Ann Bagnall – Annie’s Poetry Blog
Zoe Byrd – Uncharted
Mel Douleur – Pushing Our Limits
Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi – About Me
Sloppy Etymology – Sloppy Etymology
Jessica Halsey – Worm Wood Writing
Annie Jadin – Speaking Voiceless
Paul Kane – Facebook
Olufunke Kolapo – Healing.Inspiring.Awakening.Fulfilling.
Elizabeth N. Love – Diary of a Writerbee
Isabella J. Mansfield – At Arm’s Length
L. Stewart Marsden – Writing Odds n Ends
Stephanie Marsh – We Don’t Chew Glass
Yves K. Morrow – Mind Love Misery
Tolu Oloruntoba – Reeling in Writhing Words
Vlad Teodor Petcu – Visele Ununi Insomniac
Kirsten A. Piccini – Daydreamer, Storyteller
Mark Schutter – Maleko’s Art
Donetta Sifford – Once Upon a Time
Kelli Simpson – Another Damn Poetry Blog
Eloise De Sousa – Thoughts by Mello-Elo
Gary Tribble – noWard
Uma Venkatraman – And So It Is Born
Amanda Rachelle Warren – N/A